The Problem

House mice are omnivorous, eating both plant and animal material. Home gardens, yards with citrus trees, and overgrown shrubbery are a few reasons a roof rat may be attracted to your home and property. Bird feeders are also attractive for the rodents leaving behind dispersed seeds for the rodents to feed from. Feeding domestic pets outside or storing dog or cat food in the garage can be appealing to rodents.

Mice Damage

One of the most common problem rodents you will find at your home, mice. We often find entry holes on the exterior of your home. Mice are excellent climbers and when trees are overhanging the roof, mice regularly find a way to get in to your attic. Once the mice are inside your house, they will start to chew at your furniture, walls, and floors. Chewing sounds and screeching late at night and early in the morning are usual sounds you will hear when this occurs.

Mouse Damage to Wiring, Air Quality & Clothing

Perhaps the worst damage that mice can do is chew on your home’s electrical wiring and leave droppings and urine throughout your home.

Once a mouse starts chewing on your wiring, you’ve got a major fire hazard on your hands.  The problem with droppings and urine is that they contain dangerous diseases that are known to pass to humans. The droppings and shed fur will also get into the air as microscopic particles that smell bad and lead to respiratory problems, particularly those with allergies and asthma.

Soft items left around the house also suffer a lot of chewing from the mice as they search for nesting materials. Clothing, insulation, bedding, books, and stuffed animals are commonly found shredded and with large holes in them. Clothing left on the floor along trails or even in dressers that the mice frequent, are likely to get urine stains in them that refuse to go away even with laundry pre-treaters.

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