The house mouse is the most successful rodent in adapting to live with people. It is found almost anywhere people are, feeding on human food, sheltering in human structures, and reproducing at a remarkable rate. It is the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest, contaminating untold millions of dollars worth of food, damaging possessions, and causing electrical fires with its constant gnawing.

Mice Description


Mice are small and nimble critters that weigh about .5 ounces and grow to be 8-11 inches long, including their tail. Due to their poor eyesight, mice have a heightened sense of smell, touch, and taste to compensate. Mice are identifiable by their small black eyes and pointed nose, large ears, and scaly tails.


Mice create nests underground or another sheltered location wherever this is human activity. These animals most favorite place to nest is inside and around homes, farms, and other manmade structures. Mice are great climbers, jumpers, and swimmers so virtually no area is out of reach for them. Paper, burlap, and other fibrous materials are collected and used to build nests. Mice rarely travel outside an area of 10 to 30 feet once a nest is established. Making them extremely familiar of their surroundings.

Mice Control Problems


Mice enter homes in search of food and shelter. Central heating in homes will create a comfortable warm and cozy home for the chilly winter months. Many food items in your home will serve as quite the buffet, including:

  • Cereal
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Plant Seeds
  • Roots
  • Meat


Mice populations can create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Their numbers will multiply so quickly that a couple of mice will turn into a large infestation in no time. Mice consume up to 3 grams of food a day, creating a problem for your garden and farmers. Mice will wreak havoc on crops and gardens by digging up freshly planted grains, mutilate crops before harvest, and more!

Mice keep their ever-growing incisors under control by gnawing on materials. If you have mice in your home, you will find gnaw marks on floorboards, furniture, books, and more. When they forage for food and scurry across countertops, leaving droppings and urine behind, diseases can be transmitted to you and your family.

Mice Control


House mice are not sneaky animals and infestations can be detected early. With trained and experienced technicians from Critter Control of Reno, we can get rid of your mice problems. We are knowledgeable on mice intelligence levels and habits. Due to their habits of staying close to the nest, mice will be suspicious of random baits and strange objects appearing in their habitat! Critter Control of Reno will identify points of entry and nesting locations, and get rid of each mouse in your home.

Damage Repairs & Prevention

There is no true foolproof method of exclusion to guard against mice infestations. Multiple techniques will reduce the possibility of attracting rodents and guard them from coming to your home. Critter Control of Reno will implement effective methods to keep house mice out of your home and away from your property for good!


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