Roof Rats
Rats living in your crawl space or walls? Disappearing pet food? Dead rats or rat dropping in your attic? These may well be signs of a rat infestation. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective rodent cleanup, rat removal and exclusion services.



Roof rats are very similar in appearance to other common rats.

  • Dark brown or black coats
  • Light underbellies
  • Narrow bodies
  • Large ears
  • Hairless, scaly tails
  • 12-18 inches in length

Their tails are longer than their bodies to allow them to jump and climb with ease, and they have large ears to help with hearing to make up for their relatively poor eyesight.


Roof rats prefer to nest off the ground nestled in tress or among dense and overgrown vegetation. Dark and enclosed spaces such as attics and unoccupied lofts are ideal, bringing them to your home!

Roof Rat Problems


Home gardens, yards with citrus trees, and overgrown shrubbery are a few reasons a roof rat may be attracted to your home and property. The rodents are great climbers and can scurry through trees and across wires into your home in search of more food and suitable shelter. Once settled, the rats will travel hundreds of feet each night searching for food. So if roof rats are living in your neighbor’s house, they can travel across wires into your home or yard to find food.


While foraging for food meant for people, livestock, and pets, one of the many dangerous diseases roof rats are known to carry can be spread. Roof rats are known carriers of:

  • Murine typhus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Plague

Other than the diseases they are associated with, roof rats will chew and tear insulation and gnaw at electrical wires and wooden structures. These habits are dangerous and create an electrical fire hazard.

Roof Rat Control

Trapping & Removal

Due to the given diseases roof rats carry and their aggressive behavior when cornered, individuals should never approach a roof rat. Critter Control of Reno has extensive experience in roof rat removal. Our techniques will ensure the roof rats are removed quickly and safely. Call Critter Control of Reno at first sign of an infestation!

Control & Safety

One of the most effective control methods is to keep your home clean and sanitary. Be sure to dispose of loose food, secure garbage bins, and remove outdoor pet food to discourage rats from foraging in and around homes. Trimming overgrown shrubbery and cutting vines off fences will remove the easy access to rooftops and attics. Critter Control of Reno will also implement prevention methods of habitat modification and other exclusion approaches to keep them out for good! Trust our professional technicians to get rid of your roof rat problem.


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